10 kinds of money in Japan (Japanese currency)


Every country has each currency and this makes you wondering that how Japanese currency looks like? No wonder you come up this sort of question because I am the one who is the same as you before go to overseas. That reason behind I’m going to touch this topic to be no concern at least. Basically the unit of Japanese currency is “YEN” and I put pictures of money so you would at least be able to understand what type of money Japan has by end of this article. One more related thing I will put is about credit card in Japan because this should be interesting one to traveller who come from credit card society.

By the way as of July,2015 Japanese currency rate against other currency are 1USD to 123JPY(123yen), 1CAD to 95JPY(95yen), 1EUR to 135JPY(135yen), 1AUD to 91JPY(91yen).

1円 (Ichi yen)


The most minimum coin in Japan and I would say this coin is only for tax.

5円 (Go yen)


This coin has hole in the center as you can see with figure above. I think this coins is used mostly tax like 1yen. But there is a difference from 1 yen is that 5 yen tends to be used in shrine or temple when you throw coin to pray something. This comes from because of “go yen” is actually the same pronunciation as Japanese word “go yen” means good chance to meet good people. So we Japanese often use 5 yen when go to shrine or temple and pray something.

10円 (Ju yen)


Having 10 yen after school we can get some sort of snack but it’s already becoming old story so less see nowadays than past days.

50円 (Go ju yen)


50 yen has hole in center like 5 yen has but this coin is slightly smaller than 5 yen.

100円 (Hyaku yen)


In relatively reasonable vending machine, you can buy juice with only 100 yen. (It’s usually 130 yen) .

500円 (Go hyaku yen)


The coin is the largest in Japan. Sometime reasonable restaurant offers 500 yen lunch called “one coin lunch” in Japanese.

1000円 (Sen yen)


The most minimum value of paper money.

2000円 (Ni sen yen)


This was made in 2000 but you can less see this money than other paper money.

5000円 (Go sen yen)


The second biggest paper money in Japan.

10000円 (Ichi man yen)


The most large paper money in Japan. Depending on country I heard that using the largest money is sometimes doubted by shopkeeper if it is fake money. However I rarely hear such thing in Japan, moreover I don’t think fake money is spreading out in Japan. This is only my opinion though but I haven’t been checked handing out money in cashier.

Credit card in Japan

In Japan “VISA” would be the best convenient one while you’re traveling. Something else like “Master card” also can be useful but it’s not as convenient as first two cards. That being said, keep in mind that basically Japan is still cash first country so remember to bring cash not only credit card. Especially if your itinerary contains trip to bit far away from well developed city, you must trip with cash. I strongly reccommend.