5m height art base grows in under the ground

shiseido gallery

Unexpected underground space for modern art. Shiseido gallery is installed under the ground with no sounds against noisy ground level for famous shopping street. To get this basement you take narrow stair 2 times where you can’t stop blowing expectation as stepping down. As if I was heading for secret art base nobody knows…too far? Haha. Anyway when I went there, the theme for exhibition was “KOGEI” live together. “KOGEI” meaning can be replaced to craft in English. To be honest with you the exhibition didn’t fit me this time BUT air being around me was good so it wasn’t all about theme like whether enjoyable or not. Sorry authors I’m innocent.. I found myself I couldn’t be into much in the end. I would like you to see and feel gallery atmosphere not only focus on theme of exhibition! Anyway let’s in.

shiseido gallery facade

The facade doesn’t get me excited at all because I could find anywhere else. You think too?. The gate is shared with other shops in the same building as Shiseido gallery but basement is dedicated to art gallery. Actually there are a couples of gates so hope you get the nearest one to.


After in, the path you will see at the corner of building lead to low level. Around air is turning to soft as you walk down to down.

shiseido gallery

The first landing of the stair is already part of gallery. I saw a few works on the wall. Then keep going to next stair.

shiseido gallery

Here we go. At the end of stars you see this view. White and quiet with 5m height space welcome you. When I went there “KOGEI to live together” group exhibition was opening like I said in the beginning. Of course the design for layout will be changed depending on theme even color of all walls. See past exhibition.

shiseido gallery

Clean layout, well organized on grid style. Lighting from above highlights each works on table. I can’t tell everything on picture the same time it makes me something feel lack to share with you.

shiseido gallery

There is touchable work so I did of course. This seems lamp shade and the texture has particular material of feeling. Even though it completely dried out, I found sort of moist feeling. wonder.

shiseido gallery naho kamada

The table for Naho Kamada who creates something using metal.

shiseido gallery naho kamada

Honestly I’m not big fun of these type of works but more I look into more I see her passion pouring into details.

shiseido gallery takeo kawabata

The table for Takeo Kawabata who creates something using wood. Seems his works focus on tableware. Unfortunately I can’t not recognize the difference against other industrial products when I stand near by and stare at. As I said maybe the reason is just because I’m not super curious about as well.

shiseido gallery wataru hatano

The table for Wataru Hatano who creates something using “Washi(japanese style of paper)”. I think from his work on this table, he recently puts his power into boxes for stationery. It wasn’t allowed to touch but I wanted to see the texture.

shiseido gallery peter ivy

The table for Peter Ivy who creates something using glass. I personally like glass as it is, so my eye into them for a while. As always I tend to think what can be modern or cool when I see transparent stuff.

shiseido gallery kazumi yoshimura

The table for Kazumi Yoshimura who creates something pottery. Her small plates would be designed for Japanese-style sweets(Wagashi). It wasn’t told on description so just within my imagination.

shiseido gallery

This is the deepest space and the most cozy space in this gallery at this time. Two videos shown without sound repeating along the picked up process of each author’s work. I found myself at a calmness.

The another exhibition will be going when you come and see, you know you’re not here right now but here’s the thing I would like to tell you about main theme of this museum are mainly vanguard with a sense of simple purity. If your preference is close to them I think worth to stop at wherever you land to Japan. If you want to check what was held in the past, see past exhibition or admission free might be back up your action! Enjoy!

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