Art is part of life. This room tells it to your heart

pola museum annex

Living our life are consists of three parts, those are beauty, art and food; told as concept of this museum. Such a simple and powerful words laying out and with a keyword “ART”, Pola museum annex has been run by cosmetic company. I’m a man so not familiar with yet modern works would be next to you if you’re hanging around Ginza area where is getting famous to art city as well in Tokyo (not only for shopping). Let’s see the inside how it looks like.

pola museum annex

This is almost big picture of this gallery, where won’t take long time to walk around actually. It’s small space but you can see the passion as always. The theme for this time was “delicate and throb” by four young artists. Especially Hiraku Suzuki’s works inspired me a lot. Anyway I put several pictures you see what I met today.

pola museum annex kazuki nakahara

Kazuki Nakahara’s works.

pola museum annex suzuki hiraku

Hiraku Suzuki’s works.

pola museum annex futo akiyoshi

Futo Akiyoshi’s works.

pola museum

At this time, I couldn’t find any sentence for English speaker. The same goes for brochure, seemingly this museum doesn’t give us a English unfortunately.

pola museum annex

This museum is along main shopping street in Ginza so that easy to drop in spare time of shopping. The building is covered with glass like picture above. The gallery space installed in 3rd floor.

I don’t usually get this type of art space because most theme don’t lure me for some reason. How do I tell you this feeling… hard to explain though. Having said don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say all theme is boring therefore I check constantly and went there haha. What I wanted to say is that it would crealy separate if you like or not depending on the theme this museum will hold.

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