Day1 : Art trip with onsen in Beppu Oita

beppu kiraku bath rotenburo onsen

This area takes place art event mixed with Onsen every three years. I wanted to go and see how it is for years. At this time I got there finally I’m going put my travel experience in here Beppu as mixing Onsen and Art. Let’s see how I get there and how it looked like. Since I live in tokyo, I’ll guide you from how you can get there from Tokyo.

20151204 bus to narita busstop

First, went to bus stop near Yūrakuchō station(Tokyo) to get bus bound for Narita airport instead of train because much cheaper and convenient in terms of route to go inside airport compare to train.

20151204 bus to narita payment

I didn’t buy a ticket in advance but didn’t need to actually. Cash accepted and it was 1000yen.

20151204 bus to narita businside

Inside atmosphere of the bus. First come and all unreserved seat.

20151204 bus to narita highway

Looking at highway through windshield. I’m going to get off at Terminal 3 this time. By the way this bus stops at all of Terminal (1,2 and 3) of narita airport.

20151204 narita terminal3 charger

At terminal 3, there are a couple of chargeable place for free.

20151204 narita_terminal3 ringerhut chanpon

I had “chanpon” at airport’s food court before set off. The chanpon I had was served by the famous franchise shop “Nagasaki chanpon ringerhut” ( ) where you can see easily in over Japan. Of course here as well.

20151204 jetstar limousine bus

After checked in, I thought I could get on plane straightforward but suddenly a bus showed up in front of me and seemingly it was shuttle bus.

20151204 jetstar geton

Then literally a shuttle bus stopped right next to plane then using stairs to get on this plane because of LCC? Well everything works fine so far.

20151204 tokyo to oita flying

Getting there getting excited. Trip always gives me something new feeling. I wonder how long I spent to get there Oita.. maybe 1h and half it was.

20151204 oita airport bus ticket center

Arrived at Oita. I had to buy ticket for bus. It takes 40mis from Oita airport to oita city by car. You would also choose bus like I did. There was two way to get bus ticket. One is machine another one is ticket counter that I used. My ticket was for 2 people in round and I was able to save 2000yen thanks for this ticket compare to buy ticket each time.

20151204 oita airport bus ticket machine

The ticket machine is installed outside.

20151204 oita airport bus ticket

This bus is that I took to Oita city.

20151204 oita airport bus inside

I found a sort of tour brochure in English on bus ( ) moreover announcement for bus stop on bus were both Japanese and English. A bus stop “Kankokou” is where I got off.

20151204 beppu kiraku pickingup

After I got off at Kankoukou, hotel’s driver was there already to carry me to accommodation today ( this limousine for free, book in advance)

20151204 beppu kiraku road steam

In front of today’s ryokan Kiraku ( ), steam steam steam… everywhere. This reminds of me that I’m in huge Onsen area now.

20151204 beppu kiraku dinner

It was already 8pm when I got Kiraku so our dinner started right after arrived. Everything was tasty. This is side story that a day I stayed over at Kiraku was weekday so it relatively wasn’t packed. This reason behind Kiraku offered additional room for just dinner and breakfast moreover bath installed inside(Uchi-buro) and outside(Roten-buro) turned to private one luckily.

20151204 beppu kiraku bed futon

When I was back to room after dinner, bed (futon) was ready. Yes! this is Japanese sleeping style. futon on tatami.

20151204 beppu kiraku ceiling

I glanced up at ceiling, This is also Japanese one.

20151204 beppu kiraku yukata on

Putting on Yukata makes me feel more I’m on traveling now.

20151204 beppu kiraku bathtub outside takeoff clothes

OK, let’s take onsen-rotenburo (bath tub outside of accommodation) first. Taking off my all cloth at here.

beppu kiraku bath rotenburo onsen

All I need to do was just taking onsen after wash your body lightly. Yeah..Relaxing..

20151204 beppu kiraku bathtub inside

By the way this is uchiburo (bath tub inside of accommodation).

20151204 beppu kiraku bathtub inside takeoff clothes

A place to get undressed. Almost the same as rotenburo I touched above.

20151204 beppu kiraku bathtub inside shower

A place for washing your body in uchiburo.

20151204 beppu kiraku bath amenities

This accommodation Kiraku serves bath amenities for free.

I looked at clock.. the time already rolled midnights around. I went to futon to rest up for moving around Onsen, Art, Museum tomorrow. You can check the core of this art onsen trip at next article(soon). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on here or leave a comment below.