Day 2 afternoon : Platform04, impressive flower with 100 years Japanese house

beppu art platform04 flower2

Platform04 is a part of Beppu Project (English). This painting on the sliding door(fusuma) made by Michael Lin in 2009. His work takes flower and traditional taiwanese textile putting them together into space or building. This art is installed a old house “Nagaya style” that is built up in about 100 years ago.
By the way this article follows “Day 2 Beppu noon : Fragrance museum. Let’s make your own fragrance!”.

beppu art platform04 facade

Way old facade in real than you see on picture above actually. On the other hand some sort of nostalgia came to me maybe because I was born in rural in Japan.

beppu art platform04 facade detail

Painting on the wall next to entrance was mixed one between modern and traditional. Cool.

beppu art platform04 suvenior

In inside, you can find several goods laying out on a couple of tables.

beppu art platform04 suvenior

Something traditional one that made of bamboo.

beppu art platform04 suvenior

Towels that have different design each. This type of design reminds me of several decade ago. Classy but cute one after all.

beppu art platform04 suvenior

There were many sweet stuffs on other tables so you could find more. Even though this house isn’t big enough but each item has good sense of shape, color and concept so it won’t let you down.

beppu art platform04 flower

Went up to second floor then I tried to pretend to be looks good for picture lol. Anyway a couple of books are on floor(tatami) there. Big flower on the sliding door(fusuma), I think vivid color putting into traditional Japanese style brings quite artistic atmosphere to this room. A bulb lighting up behind me is doing good job to be nostalgia I felt. Window with frosted glass and wood sash is also general style for old days.

beppu art platform04 stair

Looking down stair(steep..Japanese old stairs tends to be like this) from second floor where beautiful painting on wall(fusuma). I just wanted you to see this picture just because.

First I saw this artwork on the web I got sort of exciting because its taste is right on the button. Actually Beppu Project has bunch of art projects that are going at the same time so If you want to check other project you can, through Beppu Project but Platform04 is one of my favorite one.

Said that there is another my favorite and recommend one that we can STAY OVER even though it is artwork itself by Hirose Satoshi. Check my next article!