Day 2 Beppu morning : 8 onsens sightseeing before Fragrance museum

beppu kiraku bathtub outside sand

Beppu in Oita prefecture where the most wells up onsen in Japan that I can hardly talk without onsen this trip as well. If you deadly want to read fragrance museum or art project, skip this article and take a look at this article or this. Anyway I’ll bring my trip story to you with detail. This article follows “Day1 : Art trip with onsen to Beppu Oita” by the way.

Day 2 before breakfast I took hot sand bath at Kiraku first time in my life. Never had this feeling but got refresh for my body. Beppu has a couple of place where you can take hot sand bath.
The hotel where I stayed is very close to “Jigoku meguri” area ( 8 onsens to see. ) so I walked through there next to next before go museum.

beppu kiraku bathtub outside looking up

Before taking hot sand bath, I took rotenburo even morning at Kiraku then looked up sky. It’s very clear and blue that good for trip around! Taking bath tub in the morning is general.

beppu kiraku steam foot

Steam spewing out on street. Super hot if you are too close needless to say.

beppu kiraku breakfast

Breakfast at kiraku. A staff took us to next room for just breakfast as I told you on previous article. He told me that what they particular about. According to him, an egg is special one today.

beppu kiraku coffee

Having a cup of coffee after breakfast. There is a coffee maker at the end of hall for free. I’m resting up for today’s travel. After having coffee I packed up my luggage and asked staff for keeping it until I back from the “Jigoku meguri”.

beppu hell road steam food

While you’re in “Jigoku meguri”, you can find several foods that are cooked by onsen’s steam.

beppu oni jigoku2

“Oniyama jigoku” was yeah.. steam steam.. everywhere white thick wall made of steam is blocking my eye sight. It was hard to take picture as you guess. One more, for some reason there are alligators, just because hot there all year long.

beppu oni hell stamp

If you get brochure at admission ticket counter, you should be able to get brochure for stamp as well. It would be kind of something good after you complete all stamps.

beppu shiraike hell

My first inspiration when I saw this “Shiraike jigoku” was “WHITE” and wells up quietly. It was as if just low temperature liquid but it should be very hot for sure but…somehow I felt sort of noble.

beppu mountain hell1

Steam blasts out everywhere in here “Yama jigoku”. Steam goes out from many crack on the ground.

beppu bozu hell

Onsen wells up with soil here “Oniishibozu jigoku”. I heard there is “onsen in warm mud” near here. If you have time it would be good experience because it’s rare to see!

beppu sea hell

Blue color was beautiful, on the other hand simmering… “Umi Jigoku” is famous for its color. “Umi” stands for “sea”. It’s hard to believe that this made from nature.

beppu kamado hell food egg

Boiled egg by onsen. I had this egg with sprinkling salt bit and soy sauce on it in “Kamado jigoku” where you can see several kinds of onsen all at once (small scale though). If you don’t have walk through 8 onsens “Kamado jigoku” might be good one just because you can see many onsen related things.

beppu kamado hell drinkable

This man is drinking onsen. I also tried and was quite sour so couldn’t drink further after a mouthful. “Kamado jigoku” gives us another interesting experience too.

beppu taxi to hells

I wanted see two more “jigoku” points, went back to Kiraku because when I asked staff for take me to two places as part of their service, they said YES. You could do the same because two more points which are “Chinoumi jigoku” and “Tatsumaki jigoku” where are hard to reach on foot. It took 10mins by car in fact.

beppu tatsumaki hell

A geyser this place named “Tatsumaki Jigoku” where hot spring gushes out every 20min. This interval is relatively short span than this sort of nature stuff. When I arrived at there it was not on time so had to wait around 15min under the cold air..

beppu chinoumi hell

This was the last one for me as jumping around onsen next to next. “Chinoumi jigoku” here. “Chinoumi” stands for “Blood sea” comes from color of this onsen.

beppu chinoumi hell tickets

Nothing regarding behind “Chinoumi jigku” picture above but if you want to move around these 8 onsens famous place(Umi jigoku, Oniishibozu jigoku, Yama jigoku, Kamado jigoku, Oniyama jigoku, Shiraike jigoku, Chinoike jigoku and Tatsumaki jigoku) in Beppu, would be better to buy package tickets to save money. You can buy it at admission ticket counter belonging to one of where out of 8. It’s good deal.

beppu chinoumi hell souvenir

“Chinoumi Jogoku” has the biggest souvenir shops among other places.

beppu town steam overlooking

Took above picture as on taxi and on the way to next destination (lunch time) from Tatsumaki and Chinoumi Jigoku area.
Do you see the several steam pillar go up in the center of town? You won’t be able to see this view in other city even looking around entire Japan(maybe). Yeah I’m in onsen city now.

beppu kannawa foot steam

Foot steam bath for free. As I told you many times here, Beppu is famous for onsen so lots of facilities everywhere are taking advantage of it.

beppu lunch oshokujidokoro ogawa

Here is my lunch “Toriten teishoku” at Ogawa ( ). I heard “Toriten” is well known food in Beppu. Couldn’t go wrong with it!

Well anyway I’m done my morning schedule. Let’s take a look my afternoon day 2 which is finally art part on!.