Day 2 Beppu noon : Fragrance museum. Let’s make your own fragrance!

beppu oita fragrance museum bottles detail

Lots of perfume bottles. Well I didn’t think that how perfume delicate is but sort of got after went there. Oita Fragrance Museum ( ) is one museum out of 2 museums where dedicated fragrance in Japan. (Another one is in Kanagawa prefecture). By the way this article is continuous of this article. Good point in here was you can mix and made up your own fragrance.

beppu oita fragrance museum taxi

Fragrance museum here is located kind of hard to get without car. I took taxi from onsen area (see this article). The cost was about 1000yen. Actually there is public bus that much cheaper than taxi but here Beppu in Oita doesn’t have much bus. When I checked timetable I got surprised because one every one to one half hour. Had to take taxi even costs me..

beppu oita fragrance museum facade

It isn’t a big picture but facade can’t complaint. The point of this museum is definitely inside.

beppu oita fragrance museum bottles showcase

Bottles bottles can see tons of bottles once you get in. I didn’t come over here for nothing. There is many types of bottle shapes really also some sections display ingredient of smell. Some smells made from unique stuff I didn’t know is interesting.

beppu oita fragrance museum bottles tryout

Of course I could smell a couple of scent. Seems it’s regularly changed depending on day.

beppu oita fragrance museum bottles

Found bunch of bottles. Maybe an expert steps in and mixing up next to next to make good one. Just my imagination though.

beppu oita fragrance museum

Speaking of museum is history. Literally classy atmosphere this section has. A stuff left side on above picture that I couldn’t get it even after after read description next to it but I liked the form because it has particular taste. Don’t you think?

beppu oita fragrance craft

Time to make my perfume. This is a lab! By the way you need to book in advance at ticket counter on the day or before.

beppu oita fragrance craft

First of all you you need to choose bottle to put in your work. Then a paper to put down measured liquid, a pencil and several sample of scent gave out. After that teacher told me a procedure that picking up 3 different type of smell you like and each smell is gonna be first smell, middle smell and last smell.

beppu oita fragrance craft

Mixing up 3 smells you choose.

beppu oita fragrance craft

Putting your work into your bottle using funnel.

beppu oita fragrance craft

Done. at the end of this practice my nose doesn’t work not as much as before but teacher told me if you in that situation, better solution is that smell your own smell. Your own clothes have to have your own smell. That reason behind I did it many times while I was making.

Teacher speaks English a bit so you can talk and ask as you’re trying! In fact family who were behind me were traveler from abroad. I wish I could have spent time on here more but I didn’t because my next schedule was coming. Go and see!