Day 3 morning : Laying out Kabosu(Citrus fruit) on cloth ceiling, House of Kabosu

beppu hamawakinonagaya kabos

House of Kabosu is art but has different aspect against blue house(Garden of the firmament). Actually “hamawaki no nagaya” consist of both two houses. When you stay at blue house, other living amenity are in this house(House of Kabosu) that is located next to Garden of the blue house so didn’t take time to get back and forth between them.

beppu art hamawakinonagaya bath set

Let’s see inside. Several brochures are lay out on beneath window space and bath amenities set on its space for each one. Having said “bath amenities”, no shower room in this house but there is onsen where just takes 5min on your foot. You can take that onsen for 100yen. Rest your body.

beppu hamawakinonagaya keys brochure

Two brochures I picked up that topic is Art in here Beppu. By the way the keys on picture are for this accommodation. One is for house of kabosu another one is garden of the firmament(blue house).

beppu hamawakinonagaya kabos

There are some zabuton for sitting right in front of windows.

beppu hamawakinonagaya kabos

Took picture over the window. See typical Japanese garden over there. Unfortunately this garden is neighbor’s.

Phew..time to go back to Tokyo..almost done everything

beppu hamawakinonagaya path

The facade of both house(Garden of the firmament, house of Kabosu). As I told you that these are renovated only inside means outside still has old looking face.

beppu hamawakinonagaya road

Narrow path just ten steps out from accommodation. Yeah it was really old looking. No actually old it is.

beppu higashibeppu station

I went to nearest station to get Beppu station where I intended to transfer to bus to go to Oita Airport.

beppu higashibeppu station

View from the pedestrian deck installed in “Higashi beppu station”.

beppu higashibeppu station

Facade of Higashi beppu station. general old type station face.

beppu higashibeppu station

I had time until train comes then took picture with station sign.

beppu higashibeppu station

Train comes in. No one was waiting.. yes here is local.

beppu train inside

Took picture in inside of car. it wasn’t packed obviously at this time because of morning maybe.

beppu station

Got beppu station. Let’s move to bus station where I’m going to take.

bus stop

Here bus stop. Bound for Oita airport is wrote on sigh. waiting bus….waiting bus…

bus inside

Took picture inside bus. Getting missing this town because it gave me quite unexpected experience!

bus ticket

Passed my ticket to driver when get off at airport. I bought this ticket in advance when I got Oita airport. I recommend to buy round bus ticket to get it cheap.

plane bus ticket

Took picture on plane. This ticket is sold on plane for return bus from Narita airport to tokyo downtown. It was cheaper than buy it in artport so when CA announced to passenger I decided to buy. Originally the bus fare is 1000 yen so 900yen is 100yen cheaper. Oh don’t forget exchange this ticket after got airport :) After I got airport I took bus and got off at Ginza(last stop).

This time I introduced BEPPU ART PROJECT ( There is quite a lot of experience came me than I thought actually. Many times I told you this Beppu area is famous for Onsen no one doubt this fact. So I’m pretty sure if you go there you’ll be able to enjoy both Art and onsen. Take you time to take onsen many times and feel Art is gonna be something good one in your travel life.

If you have any questions tell me using comment form below or contact page. You don’t need to care how small it is :)