Day trip to Kusatsu onsen from Tokyo through nature

kusatsu onsen yubatake fall

This article is continuous from this article Tomioka silk mill on the way to Kusatsu onsen. After we left the Tomioka silk mill we got in the car and heading to Kusatsu onsen where final destination of this short trip. Actually I was born in Gunma where Kusatsu onsen locating but due to far from my hometown, I haven’t been there many times. Maybe less than three times I think even it was super famous in Onsen over Japan.

tomioka silk mill kusatsu highway country side gunma

Up until now from we restarted again, we are surrounded by many mountains and running between them on highway. The blue sky binded mountain we saw was beautiful.

tomioka silk mill kusatsu highway country side gunma mountain

Real countryside scenery this is. Many mountains over there I don’t know each name though but only thing I know is that Kusatsu by now is hard to get unless you take kind of tours due to no public transportation around there. But I was feeling some kind of freedom at that time.

tomioka silk mill kusatsu highway country side gunma snow

SNOW…Only one we took the mistake on this trip was took a route that breakthrough on mountain and since season was beginning of winter, snow was there already. Kusatsu onsen is surrounded by mountains you should know by now… I don’t touch now but there is skiing slope near the Kusatsu onsen so if you want, you can take onsen after enjoying skiing.

kusatsu onsen yubatake

After parking a car at parking lot we went down a slope to Yubatake where the most popular view in Kusatsu onsen for tourist. Unfortunately I can’t tell you smell this are using this article but air was filled with slight sulfur. This kind of smell lets me realize I’m in Onsen town.

kusatsu onsen yubatake

Oh.. this is it! this is the Yubatake! means field of onsen! It qutie high temperature and protected fense(wall) made of stone. Tremendous amount of hot water wells up every seconds! I couldn’t help to take pictures..

kusatsu onsen yubatake hot spring

Taking picture from above of wall and looking down the Yubatake. The difference in temperature between hot water and air was big I was able to see quite high amount of steam.

kusatsu onsen yubatake hot spring

Hot spring flows on several lane made of wood. I don’t know why they made..anyway I bet that is good for making unique atmosphere against others.

kusatsu onsen yubatake fall

Hot spring falls in at the end of wood lanes. Yubatake is for tourist for sure but worth to see for everyone! By the way you can’t get in Yubatake obviously instead there is foot bath(onsen) for free at next to Yubatake.

kusatsu onsen yubatake hot spring foot bath

This is a foot bath I touched on right before paragraph. A lot of people are putting their legs in. If you’re going to take this, make sure to bring your own towel. Taking onsen and bringing your towel is general pair.

sainokawara onsen hot spring

Let’s keep on trip to onsen. Started to walking down to Sainokawara onsen ( ) as seeing souvenir shops along both side.

sainokawara onsen hot spring manju free tryout

On the way to Sainokawara onsen, I got a manjyu for free trying out. Umm taste good:) It was warm, puffy and sweet. That taste gives happy to my getting cold body. If you there, you should be able to get the same experience as me because this is such a famous thing in Kusatsu. Manju tasting on the street.

sainokawara onsen hot spring

Walking down the street as relying on street light. Seems it takes maybe 10min from Yubatake to Sainokawara onsen on map.

sainokawara onsen gate entrance hot spring

Yes, after around 10mins walking from Yubatake. I finally reached to Sainokawara onsen.

sainokawara onsen hot spring admission paying

Paying admission. It was 600yen for adult. Towel and other bath amenities are sold in here but would be better to bring yours to save money. By the way this onsen doesn’t have facilities to shampoo or washing body compare to other onsen. So only towel is enough.

sainokawara onsen hot spring locker 100yen

There is small locker next to ticket place for your valuables. To use this locker you will have to have 100 yen coin to lock this type of locker. But when you open again 100yen coin will be returned so I think you should use it because other locker installed in inside taking cloth off room won’t return 100 yen if you use.

sainokawara onsen hot spring gate

Looking at gate to onsen. Taking picture is strictly prohibited over there. If you want check the atmosphere of Sainokawara onsen, just looking up at

sainokawara onsen hot spring

After taking onsen, we went down the same path that I took going. Couldn’t take good picture but there is river with slight steam right next to here. Around was quite silence place to walk and calm then let it us just walk without thinking anything.

kusatsu onsen hot spring souvenir shops yubatake

The Yubatake is covered with bunch of souvenir shops actually. Guessing easy. When you take a picture, I think dusk to night is good time than day because light makes nice scene.

kusatsu onsen hot spring food chanko

Getting night getting hungry. We hadn’t really looked up where to eat because this is a sightseeing place. Said that I couldn’t find many restaurante than thought. Well we decided to go this restaurant Dai-cha-an( ) where serves Chanko mainly. It took 15 min from Yubatake though.

kusatsu onsen hot spring food chanko nabe

This is how Chanko looks like I had. Of course it was tasty but since it’s hard to tell you what chanko is, if you interested in, I recommend search on google right now! “Japanese Chanko nabe”

Wrapping up

This trip was day trip from Tokyo but literally we were moving long time from morning to midnight. Seeing countryside, snow, green, taking onsen, fresh air and eating local food experience there were. To get this trip done honestly a car needed to be efficient going around.

However almost everyone doesn’t get used to driving car in Japan so maybe taking tour can be alternative to make your trip better. Kusatsu is quite well known place to visit even for Japanese. The fact that at least one time you would need to visit in your travel life. Enjoy!