Does your Japan rail pass pay off? Try quick simulator now!


I know that traveller go to Japan would come up this question at least once before set off.
“Should I buy Japan rail pass on my itinerary”.
You’re reading this article so that you might be part of them and I think you have heard Japan rail pass and thought “does it pay off?” It’s no wonder because If I were you I don’t want to waste of money (who wants?). In fact I read tons of almost the same questions on travel guide site possibly you have visited ever. Every time I see that type of question every time I thought it would be better if there is simple calculator to judge pay off or not. When I search “Japan rail pass” tools actually there is a couple existing but they don’t take me to comfortable zone because less simplicity even I just wanted to know that. This reason behind I made quick simple calculator that tells your an answer about your concern in a second.

Go to simulator (calculator)

What type of fare calculator I made?

Simple one. That’s it. Because it doesn’t offer many search options like you often see on other search engines, instead my fare calculator tells you “pay off or not” quickly. Personally I don’t like complex one when I just want to know if it is reasonable or not, usually complex one will have to take many steps to figure it out. Let’s try!

Please pay attention

  • You have to have your laugh itinerary and decide which station you’re going to take in advance
  • These stations on list are chosen based on fast train’s stop because I think it will cost you most while you’re traveling
  • I don’t offer represent function how to buy a Japan rail pass you can find them out there in a second
  • I didn’t implement this tool for Green Car (this tool is for ordinary car) and the result you’ll get doesn’t perfectly guarantee for your train budget. I would like you to use this tool just as a guide
  • Total time doesn’t contain time for each transfer. It’s just total time you’re on train
  • Price is based on Adult
  • I would like you to take the result of simulation as an indicator because travel brings you lots happening

How to use?

  1. select the Japan rail pass period that on your mind
  2. select each station where you’re planning to get off or on
  3. push the plus button next to select box to add station select box or minus button to delete it
  4. repeat above flow until your last destination

More detail? Let’s search

While you’re searching your stations, maybe you want to get more detail like “how long do I have to wait for transfer”. When I built that tool, I was focusing on how easy it’s gonna be for everybody to know how reasonable it is. In other words I recommend other fare searching tool if you know more detail between each stations because my tool is not specialized in. To come true your wish I reccomend to use other simulators below.

Train Route search

1, Japan Transit Planner
The new version of this. There is premium group for 300yen per month. But in Japan rail pass perspective it’s not worth it because this site doesn’t offer functions good point for Japan rail pass traveller. Sometimes the search result contains train which you can’t take with Japan rail pass.

2, HyperDia
The most popular one among on the same field. With using many options, your result turns more close what you want but in terms of just focusing on Japan rail pass these options are bit way off especially checkbox whether use “NOZOMI / MIZUHO / HAYABUSA” because you can take “HAYABUSA” with Japan rail pass out of three.

As you saw in above there is major train timetable finder in English, it’s up to you which you use referring those feature. With this article that offered by one of the super famous travel site Japan guide, you can see above 2 site with figures to tell you how to.

How I built this fare calculator?

Maybe there is anyone who is wondering how did I create this calculation tool. Did anyone realize after read my article up until here that actually it’s hard to get total fare with search options on those two sites. What I did is I used another train timetable finder and search between each station again and again to build data sheet for my tool. Oh….wait..Why I didn’t tell you by now? This question is absolutely right and no wonder but answer to your WHY is website I used for this tool is only offered in Japanese. In other words if you are capable of Japanese how about use Eki-net. I think this one is the most useful site for Japan rail pass. That being said, Even Eki-net gives you good options to know “pay off or not”, it just a train table finder means it doesn’t tell you “pay off or not” automatically. Still you need to math by yourself as searching and my fare calculator does it for you.

Any questions? Tell me now at contact page or leave a comment.