Over 200 architectural models. You lose potential idea without this view

archi depot museum

I remember first time I heard this museum Archi-Depot I couldn’t believe my ears. Because I’ve searched in the past with similar keywords but I didn’t know where a bunch of models of architecture are actually collected in one place and open for public. If I had known early I would have gone there more early. I think there is no museum just focusing on architecture model that some are actually have been built up, others lost by a narrow margin in competition. There is short description next to each model that you see if it’s existing in this real world or not. This museum hasn’t been built for nothing! I re-recognized I like this type of museum. By the way featured image on this article is Kohtei(name of model) by Kohei Nawa | SANDWICH. Let’s see more.

archi depot museum facade

The white rectangle is the gate leads you to archi-depot. Building itself is used as warehouse and this depot is part of.

archi depot museum door

The giant door almost double of my height and made of wood. Can’t wait pull and walk in.

archi depot museum room

OK. Once you get in, smell represent depot I felt. Many White racks are formed in an orderly line and architecture models on it. I couldn’t take picture each but picked up models that lured me in many ways.

archi depot museum work11

Looks cocoon, don’t you think?

archi depot museum work1

These must be case study to compare using different material. Cement, wood and steel with somehow rusty. Cute!

archi depot museum giraff

I like the fact that you can actually enjoy around the study. This is the one I think it is. Giraffe shape model!

archi depot museum giraff2

Don’t get me wrong. It has people inside. It’s far experimental model but I like this fun element.

archi depot museum QR code

Short break here. This museum has unique system that you can check the info about models by taking QR code with your cell. Then you can see more works built by the same architect or association.

archi depot museum work2

Real world goes back into models.

archi depot museum work7

A model for elementary school in Japan. Even though relativity big scale to install, it doesn’t matter thanks to scale of depot.

archi depot museum work4

The model for presentation by Kengo Kuma. Still super abstract though.

archi depot museum work5

Having countless cross stripes for concept model of starbucks.

archi depot museum work8

Into the wood house. I couldn’t help looking into.

archi depot museum product

There is not only model for architecture but also for product such as chair, table and so on.

archi depot museum work9

Looks like engraving, isn’t it? Does anybody knows this type of “MODEL”?

archi depot museum work12

Department store facade renovation by Kengo Kuma. His architecture always have cross stripes.

archi depot museum wrok14

Asakusa culture and tourism center. You would find this building in front of Thunder gate in Asakusa.

archi depot museum work15

Some are being lit up from inside and it makes photo dreamy. This tallest tower “Sky tree” in Japan started from this model.

archi depot museum Aomori Museum of Art model

Aomori Museum of Art. Whatever can be material for model that tells you the concept of design. This transparent model made of acrylic. So beautiful. Far transparent(obvious). Actually this is where I’ve been wishing to visit in the feature. I’ve seen this museum only on photo but was enough to get how beautiful it is. I really want to get there someday soon even though way far from Tokyo tho! haha

archi depot museum work21

Study of Cava market headquarters in Italy.

archi depot museum work17

Partial model of Kogakuin University Student Center by Riken Yamamoto. Just one glance tells you “unbuilt”! haha. That being said this is what model for I think.

archi depot museum casa umbrella

Casa Umbrella. Somehow most models that lured me are designed by Kengo Kuma for some reason..

archi depot museum nagano olympic memorial arena

Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena designed by Kajima corporation that one of big company.

archi depot museum china academy of arts folk art museum

China Academy of Arts’ Folk Art Museum. It was quite detail oriented model and this architecture went into real world in China.

archi depot museum klein dytham architecture

Have you seen this type of model for archi? At least I didn’t! Obviously these models have different perspective from others. First my impression was what is this..such a cool tho..haha. Made by Klein Dytham architecture.

archi depot museum klein dytham architecture

There is no stereotype in the field of creativity. Look at this model where many capacitors are used as material. Doesn’t matter how come because this is it. It also belongs to Klein Dytham architecture.

archi depot museum o+h

The small weekend house in Sengataki, Nagano prefecture Japan. Fairy tale world isn’t it? Design by o + h (Onishi Maki + Hyakuda Yuki)

archi depot museum work18

As last picture, let me give you a very realistic one.This museum space is divided into two sections where one is for relatively simple model another one is for more detailed large model space. The real model above is the one out of several.

archi depot museum sky

well..looked over the sky after left the museum. Yeah feeling good.

Since my major field of study in university was architecture, I was having fun while walking around along with model especially near the one that I really want to go there soon. For example Aomori Museum of art. It won’t go wrong if I say the highlight of this museum is you can see real model that well known author used for their work like presentation for client or competition and so on. I think you won’t be able to get the same experience in somewhere else. Wort to get there! And again I’m afraid of that I wasn’t able to save all into my photo because as I said there are many kinds of models lining up…

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