Spiral takes you to floating space


The path smoothly connected to 2nd floor take me to floating feeling and light coming through the sky ceiling is comfortable. The Spiral (designed by Fumihiko Maki) is what you’re seeing now and this spiral form covers one gallery space of this building. This building is similar to Bunkamura where you enjoy movie, theater shopping and so on but Spiral is as not much as Bunkamura in terms of area, still brings you to new experience with different perspective thougth. More that that you can enjoy gallery for admission free so no reason not go there if you’re around between Shibuya and Omotesando. Gallery area wise I would say it doesn’t offer many works to see but you know it’s admission free please swallow it :) By the way at this time I went there, an exhibition was held by the Takehito Koganezawa but in your turn you’ll meet another exhibition by someone else!

spiral facade fumihiko maki

When I went there, it took about 20min(walking) from Shibuya station and this is how Spiral building looks like. The facade isn’t spiral.


After cross street, you see the word SPIRAL on the flog hanging on the wall of building. This is the sign for sure.


In inside, there is a cafe on left side,wall for partial gallery space on right side. I keep walking to the end of hallway. Do you see the spiral walk with vague outline over there. This hallway itself also can be used as gallery space depending on exhibition. If you want to know what kinds of exhibitions held by now, check website at SPIRAL WEB


The exhibition this time was by Takehito Koganezawa. I walked down more to spiral along his works on the wall.


This is it. It tells you the origin of this word Spiral. Very smooth shape along the wall looks like floating in the air. beautiful.


There is artist’s works in center and the spiral path surrounds them.


Smooth handrail line that keep continuously towarding 2nd floor softly.


If you look up the ceiling you would found skylight covering over your head.


Slightly shaking here while someone is walking but within assumption. Even though I took picture backwards the cool line went the same.


I think you would be wondering how this spiral wraps up at the end of loop. This picture is the answer for you. Can you see the end of path? It leads you to 2nd floor where interior goods shop with good sense. I walked around inside and thought, you would find something good.


Before enter that shop I looked down to take picture to look over the gallery space where I passed first. Depending on artist the hallway is also used for exhibition. And there is cafeteria on basement floor. You can recognize a couple of tables right? More tables there of course.


I took picture at gate of shop. This store is relatively big for the same shops in the same location. If you have time, I recommend to enjoy this atmosphere too.

When I saw this Spiral, to be honest I didn’t get super impressive feeling(exhibition matter?) like when architecture or art that made us full of curiosity however I think I will be there again if I walk nearby because this building is not only give us Spiral but also taking us to another experience as the complex building such as gallery, cafe and cool shops more. See at Spiral web(English). Being said in the limited your travel time I wouldn’t say you should put here on your itinerary. I just want you to remember there is cool one to see if you’re around between Shibuya and Omotesando. Enjoy your trip!

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