Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo! (Hayao Miyazaki)

ghibli museum robot night

The well known animation studio “Ghibli studio” has a dedicated museum called “Ghibli museum” in Tokyo. I’ll tell you my story at there today how it was mixing with around atmosphere and info about how to buy a ticket from abroad or Japan. Before tell you my experience I would like to say one note that during summer vacation such as mid July to end of Aug is very hard to get a ticket because a lottery will be going on that period. Ok.. let’s go and see.

ghibli museum forest

On the way to museum. This time I got off at Kichijōji Station then heading for museum. It took 15min but found small forest next to museum.

ghibli museum forest sign

A sign facilities near this forest.. It tells me the ghibli museum is 260m away. Couple of minutes to get there..start walking again.

ghibli museum sign

In front of museum. Took picture with main sign of “Ghibli Museum, Mitaka”.

ghibli museum facade totoro

Let’s step in and see…well Totoro(My neighbour Totoro) welcome you at ticket counter…wait this isn’t real ticket counter…but made me ready to feel the world of ghibli. This is photo spot for sure!

ghibli museum facade

Walking along with museum after passing Totoro.

ghibli museum facade

Almost complete picture of museum came to me. A street lamp and clock are well designed to match this museum. Love it.

ghibli museum direction sign

Direction sign is also ghibli world.

ghibli museum facade entrance

Round edge design gate. Getting excited as thinking of what I can see from now.

ghibli museum yuya bathhouse at entrance

I glanced at planter next to entrance then found small object that formed bathhouse(Spirited Away)

ghibli museum rules

This sign tells me what is prohibited inside this house.. seems taking photo doesn’t allow. So I took picture only in outside or yard.

ghibli museum ticket

Almost forgot. The ghibli museum is reservation required. You have to choose specific date and time in advance. If you live in Japan, check at ghibli reservation in Japan, if not check at ghibli reservation in abroad. How to is described depending on where you are.

By the way a exchange ticket on above picture is I bought beforehand in Japan.

ghibli museum movie ticket

This ticket was handed over at ticket counter that quite similar to film..

ghibli_museum movie ticket to the light

Wait.. it isn’t just similar one.. the real film actually in it!

The receptionist told me this ticket is for short original animation. You can check at Ghibli Original Short Animated Feature at the Museum Only! and if you want to get schedule check at Screening schedule for The Saturn Theater.

ghibli museum locker

Digging down the museum. There is coin locker. Needs 100yen coin to lock it but when you unlock 100yen comes back.

ghibli museum well

The courtyard. There is something(red one) in the center of here..

ghibli museum draw water well

It’s well! Rare to see in museum lol and I haven’t tried so long time in my life. It was way interesting experience. (NOT DRINKABLE)

ghibli museum drain

Even a drain cap for well is cool.

ghibli museum on bench

There is a bench outside, took a rest because inside of museum is quite fun so bit tired. Yet I can do more!

ghibli museum door stainedglass

You can find part of ghibli everywhere even stained glass of door. The Shishigami (Princess Mononoke)

ghibli museum fish bench

This bench is making sound (gimmick in it) that lures children (and me).

ghibli museum spiral stair

Taking this spiral is the only way to go up to rooftop.

ghibli museum fish day facade

Right after reached at rooftop and looking over museum. Covered with green.

ghibli museum day robot me

Here it is. The robot(Castle in the Sky) standing on the roof is definetly photo spot. It was cloudy so couldn’t take good one.

ghibli museum levistone symbol

Have you watched “Castle in the Sky”? Then this picture looks familiar.

ghibli museum restaurant

Hungry time. Walking for long time with exciting made me hungry. Let’s check a restaurant.

ghibli museum tap

Oh tap handle seems like Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service).

ghibli museum restaurant menu

At the restaurant. Needed to wait for a bit so staff handed menu out to me. (They have menu in English as well)

ghibli museum food

This is what I ordered for 1400yen. Looks very cute and of course it was tasty.

ghibli museum night facade

After got meal, I went to small theater with that ticket! Again you can check the program in advance at theater program.

ghibli museum robot night

Went rooftop twice both day and night because light came in!

ghibli museum nigth robot

Took picture after from where a couple of step back. It is not too much to say that the big picture of rooftop. Let me just say, Beautiful.

ghibli museum nigth exit

Time to out from the museum. People is heading back to each home..well I’m too.

Ghibli museum is quite well known museum in Japan thanks to many terrific works of studio ghibli. So even Japanse it is hard to reserve a ticket because way popular regardless of ages. Actually I couldn’t get a ticket first time because bit underestimated the popularity. If you want to go, you take this fact to your heart!

If you have questions tell me at comment form below or contact page.
Enjoy your trip!