Takao 599 museum, Overlooking Tokyo from Takao mountain with Onsen


Have you heard Takao mountain? It locates 1h from Shinjuku and there is Onsen, museum with beautiful nature. I’m going to put an article that tells my experience in there how it was. Just let me tell you the reason why I chose there is just because I wanted to have Tororo Soba (tasty) and wanted to see the museum that opened recently. Hope you enjoy my story.

First of all I’m introducing Takao station picture that was taken at dusk because this was the kind of best one I took. Anyway most everyone who want to go to Takao mountain will have to get off at this station “Takaosanguchi”. One before station name is Takao station so don’t be confused. It takes more time than getting off at Takaosanguchi station such reason behind I chose there at this time. The facade of Takaosanguchi station had turned to beautiful one by re-building and there is Onsen ( http://www.takaosan-onsen.jp/english/ ) next to so you can take. ( I wasn’t able to take Onsen there because it hadn’t started yet when I was there. I’ll get Onsen next time)


On the way to trailhead from takaosanguchi station. It takes 10min on foot as looking around. There are a couple of small shops for japanese food then it makes me hungry.


Green and clean air made me smile without any reasons.


Trailhead here. A triangle roof building that is center in this photo is station for lift and cable car. If you don’t want to take both then there is also path to get peak from here where right side on this picture. Sooner autumn foliage season comes in at that time, already some leaves color has started turning.


Before taking first step to mountain, I had soba at Takahashiya where just in front of cable car/ lift station. No start without soba.


What I was doing at inside Takahashiya is writing down my name on waiting list. This generally happens in Japan especially restaurant is crowded. When time is come, a staff calls your name and takes you to your seat.


Even you’re not good at handling Japanese, surely enough to pick food thanks to picture. The menu in Japan usually has picture of food.


I ordered Tororo soba. Grated Japanese yam with soba called “Tororo soba” and quite tasty. The takao mountain is also famous for Tororo soba so many people are having it.


Let’s start climbing after full up with soba. You can choose either taking lift / cable car or walking up to peak of Takao but I took lift at this time. First of all buy the one way ticket and go up to stop for lift.


View from being on the lift and looking out over Tokyo. It’s way small.. Although here is part of Tokyo, I was surrounded lots of green. Can’t believe it takes less than 1h from center of Tokyo.


Takao mountain has several trail path (http://www.takaotozan.co.jp/takaotozan_eng1/course/index.htm) and I chose No.4 path where I were into green as walking to peak.


A suspension bridge I through in course no 4.


Keep walking for about 1h. Finally I got the hut of Takao mountain. There are couple of shops to eat something and vending machine but most people who I saw brought food or lunch box or snacks. I didn’t bring mine so I’ll put some food in my backpack next time. As I said this mountain doesn’t have much height so you can get the top easily.


In the under the good weather Mt, Fuji says hello to us from peak of Takao mountain. At the day I went, I was able to see Mt, Fuji luckily. After took a rest for a while I started going down the mountain.


I took another path(no 1) that the most popular and basic one to foot of mountain. On the way you can meet a couple of “Japanese culture”.


Possibly something good one you can find at a souvenir shop on the way. It would turn a good memory.


A ton of names of Japanese people who had donated child of cedar tree to keep this forest.


I had “Tengu yaki” that was sold at near the cable car ticket place. Taste was good and very “Japanese traditional one ”.
At this time, instead of taking lift I took this morning, I took cable car because getting dark also lift is closed faster than cable car.


This is a part of process of making “Tengu yaki” I saw over the window.


Waiting for car with ticket. A car will be coming through tunnel over there.


The time came and let’s get in a cable car. This car runs on the most steep slope in Japan by the way. It was really then actually hard to keep the same balance even inside the car at first.

Takao 599 museum


Stopping at Takao 644 museum(http://www.takao599museum.jp/?lang=en) after getting off the car and on the way to Takaosanguchi station.


You might already come up an idea how taking photo using this big solid concrete block. I just prefer this type of thing and other people also took picture standing or sitting on it by turns. There is relatively enough area to take a rest on the green.


Took a picture with logo at right in front of entrance.


It was free of charge then was able to look around everything. Off cause photo is OK.


Bunch of works are laying out basically inside the case that those the theme works are along with nature of around Takao mountain.


I found the collection of nuts that part of work, took picture with my lift and cable car tickets to make my today’s memory solid.


A projection mapping taken place in here. Some animals that live in this mountain are displayed in simple white space. I couldn’t watch all program but seems good.


There is a playing space for child. A couple of children were playing on the “small mountain”.

Wrapping up

Everybody says green is good for human and I literally got the that feeling through this trip. It was day trip from near the Shinjuku station but I think it worth to visit even for traveller like you. It doesn’t cost us and should be able to get relaxing time. If you want to see full view of Tokyo with museum, I recommend to get Takao mountain as long as good weather. Let’s take a look another aspect of Tokyo.

If you have question, feel free to ask me anytime on comment form below or contact page.