This museum would show you a cut out “moment”


Speaking of photography, “TOP” stands for Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is second to none in the field of devoted to photography. You wouldn’t be able to find other if you look for the same volume works as this museum in Japan. There are 3 floors on ground for photographic and 1 basement for moving and I went to 2nd floor where offered an interesting theme at this time (It was Hiroshi Yamazaki’s woks).
Let’s see how inside looks like.

tokyo photographic art museum

Overall gallery space is unified in white and works are on the wall.

tokyo photographic art museum

Some photos are not allowed to take photograph but some are OK.

tokyo photographic art museum

The space between picture also designed well to make photo standing out.

tokyo photographic art museum

The ticket for today with interior space can be good souvenir some day in the future.

Once you look for this museum on Map you would realize this museum locates one station away from Sibuya where you should have heard ever if you had thought of visiting to Japan. So IF it was beautiful day, why don’t you take walking instead of taking train for moving just one station. Walking shouldn’t take long time means you won’t be bored. Actually I did and dropped in restaurant to have lunch I happened to find. Kinda fun! What I would like to say is that you might meet what you didn’t expect in your precious travel time.

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