What is this white box for? It might give you rare experience in Japan

musashino place facade front

The story is back to date to my early twenty days. That time I had seen on some medium this architecture and I remember I’d been thinking I want to go someday even though I didn’t recognized where it is. However it’s in mind there is library as representative facility where especially inspired me of my old days. Since then time went by and new opportunity is come back to me with passion thanks to tons info on web. Musashino place I’m telling you now. Very simple facade and round edge rhythm caught my eye. I couldn’t take photo of interior due to regulation (I was pointed out..when trying..) but if you interested in, look photo up at image search with keyword following “musashino place”. You see fascinating interior design! You can get quick guide to this facility at Musashino place pdf.

musashino place facade right

it didn’t take long time from the gate of Musashi-sakai station to meet this unique facade (complex facility for citizens). The yard brown part on picture used to be covered with bright green lawn but now growing bald…is it winter matter maybe.

musashino place chair

Chairs similar to marshmallow aligning in front of architecture. As time go by the surface will be colored into dark… Anyway I taped with my finger..and got dry sound. It seems hollow objects.

musashino place facade back

Walking around to other side. All four walls are covered the same form opening. The same tone goes all.

musashino place sky

Winter dry air gave me blue sky today as well. Deep breathing and thanks god.

Since taking photo isn’t allowed inside so maybe blowing up your image will be hard. On the other hand thinking of functionality as library and public space for citizens it would be easy to image and I don’t put not cool one on this blog until now. You know what I mean. So I recommend you using image search on web with keyword following “musashino place”. Instantly many wow pictures jump into your eyes. Moreover if you’re interested in library itself and book in your daily life, I tell you 2 times why don’t you take steps to?

Any questions? Or welcome your comment at following form or at contact page. Enjoy!