When you should come to Japan? (WEATHER & FOODS)


Thinking of making better trip, season choice would become one of your concern. When? or Which season is good for diving into and walking around Japan. In this article I’m going to touch that type of pop up questions in your mind (maybe :P). At the same time I put the best season to trip to Japan with art at the end of this page. I would be glad if my article will be able to assist your trip plan.

FOUR SEASONS IN JAPAN (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

transition of temperature in Tokyo

The figure belonging this paragraph is illustrating temperature transition through a year. The average range of temperature is 0 to 30 degree celsius in Tokyo. The feature of season each season has is pretty straight difference and while living in Japan you can feel the point of transition between them with your skin and eyes of course food as well.

1, Spring (March – May)

Everything related to society starts from this season. Japanese typical style “freshman” can be seen anywhere. Spring’s climate is steady and good for spending time outside. However if you focus on next question “Is it good season for travel”, I may not recommend in terms of crowd especially mid of March and beginning of May.

Because as I said a bit at beginning of this section, generally students are on vacation around March and there is long consecutive national holidays in beginning of May. So everywhere tends to to be relatively packed. But just seeing it from aspect of climate, April and around end of May would be great time to travel around.

Speaking of spring  in Japan, you might have heard “Ohanami” (you can find massive amount of info about Ohanami on the Internet)”, good place for watching Sakura tree is taken in a second(really) so some Japanese just go close park living there to watch Sakura to avoid so many people.

The famous place where usually reported by media such as Ueno park and Yoyogi park is going to be insane. It’s enough  walking along nearby famous place then you can possibly find food stall that makes you full of curiosity. Speaking of food in spring, rice with mixed child of bamb is quite tasty as seasonal meal. It might be hard to find shop where serves it but you can find it at supermarket I think. So if you have spare time I recommend. again it’s tasty.

2, Summer (June – August)

To be honest with you, it takes time to come up good point about summer in Japan. The reason why is Japan is covered with quite high temperature and humid during summer. That’s it. Additionally rainy season comes every year from mid of June to mid of July moreover the most number of typhoon is born in August.

In a nutshell summer isn’t a season of trip. Also from the other perspective like how crowded it will be, every spot will be surrounded by many people from mid of july to august because most of students will be on vacation and adults will take vacation around that period as well. Here comes three reasons why I don’t recommend come to Japan in august because humid, not good weather, everywhere packed.

However If you eager to come and eat Japanese summer food or dying to climb Mt Fuji(the highest mountain), that’s a different story though.

Mt Fuji will be open every year from august to mid of september for visitors(climber) so if you want to stay over at mountain hut(reservation needed) you have to come between that period. Also fireworks festival is also can be the reason but it will take place almost every prefecture so it shouldn’t be late to look for fireworks festival after you decide your destination.

At the fireworks festival you can find a lot of tolls along street and I want you to get “Kakigori” because it is one of quite famous Japanese summer food(might not be food..). Anything else foods there is such as “Zarusoba”, “Garigari-kun”, “Tokoroten” ,”Hiyashi-chuka” and so on. The number of seasonal food is many out there than Spring. You can find foods that I told now on web (try copy and paste! use image search lol).  One more word, be careful of mosquitoes in Summer.

3, Autumn (Sep – Nov)

It’s comfortable to walk outside through the entire in autumn means good time for traveling. Not too hot and too cold. That’s why Japanese call this season is good to have appetite and good to see arts.

Would you like move around Japan? Autumn is the best season of it. And unlike spring or summer, usually there is not long consecutive holidays for them(Japanese) which is good sign for travelers. (make sure holidays in Japanese calendar because even though this season sometimes national holidays will be on each other then it becomes long holidays. Therefore I recommend  to check Japanese calendar before you set off) .

Since I brought up that Japanese say autumn is perfect season to have good appetite, I will bring a couple of foods. First one is Yakiimo(焼き芋) which is famous seasonal food. It’s just a baked sweet potato but very sweet taste it becomes and quite reasonable to try. Another food every Japanese knows is pacific sauries that Japanese called it Sanma(秋刀魚). Shaking salt on it and eat with rice makes local people happy I am as well.

Both foods are straight simple but Japanese must have had many times so if you want such a Japanese experience from food, I would strongly recommend to try while you’re in here Japan.

You might have heard about autumn leaves Japanese say Koyo(紅葉) in Japan. It comes also this season. Once you find or run into spectacular Koyo, it’s going to be unforgettable memory for sure.

Try to avoid urban city and go rural might be better choice especially this season.

4, Winter (Dec – Feb)

Dry air and low temperature. You would need to put on thick coat in this season. A lot of stars is shining in the sky (needs to be away from urban though) and this season brings snow across areas where along the seas of Japan. Famous festival is taken place in this season called “Yukimatsuri” .

Speaking of festival, in Japanese culture we celebrate end of year and new year rather than christmas. So this brings us more cultural festivals in end of year and new year.

Unfortunately art festival in outside such as biennale and triennale won’t take place generally around this season. Please keep in mind that less art event in winter but museum that surrounded by snow would be cool.

Regarding winter food, a couple of famous one I can suggest now. For example “Nabe(鍋)” ,”Oden(おでん)” and “Kenchin soup(Kenchinjiru : けんちん汁)”. If you hold hand warmer on your hand and buy a “Cone potage” with vending machine.If you take those things I think you’re having almost perfect Japanese culture.

Oden must be sold at convenience and this is the one that you have to get and taste. I strongly recommend. But actually stereotype spending time in winter is eating Mikan(Mandarin Orange) collaborating with Kotatsu(Kind of heating system). This scene hasn’t been changed so long time even now especially grandmother’s house haha. The kotatsu makes you fall asleep in a second. One more, do not forget Onsen too. It is representative of winter for sure and worth to try!

5, So Art trip..when you?

I picked up several suggestions through over 4 seasons. So I’m gonna tell you straight answer when is the best to travel Japan. Yes AUTUMN. Especially if you focus on Art related things, late of September to October is going to work well in Art and comfortable trip point of view as I told you through each season section.

Generally speaking cool art event is tend to be held between July to October but July to August is way too high temperature and quite humid so you will become like after taking shower with your sweat. Thinking from this fact, late of September may be the best period unless there is no consecutive national holidays(again it happens depending on year).  If you’ve been thinking when is good for your travel. It is autumn.

Well see all of suggestions are my opinions though but hope you may find and decide good season for your trip.

Please let me know free and easy any questions if you have by comment below or message.