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Speaking of creation gallery, there are two places where you may be able to hear as searching good one to go in Japan (possibly admission free lol). One is “Creation Gallery G8” and another one is “Guardian Garden” where I’ll tell you on this article. The Guardian garden is a small gallery for younger generation’s art work that hasn’t still been well known. They try to take advantage of this chance to step up further to be pro so maybe you can see diamond in the rough. The theme of this time was “graphic” which was final stage of public competition.


The sign of gallery on door. Red is a primary color of this gallery and already you can see some works over the red frame door made of glass parialy. By the way this gallery locats basement means you would have to access only stairs actually from sidewalk outside.


A work by future artist. The title was “you already know”. Very thin line wrote down on white paper and the same line goes black paper behind. When you peal white paper off, you will be able to perceive you have already recognized the shape wrote on black paper…umm hard to tell..


A work by other future artist. With using some layers and keep moving them slowly(displayed). Seeing from author’s description she tried to want us to think “how difficult to catch overview from separated parts”…umm


A work by other an aspiring artist. Several figures are wrapped up by picnic blankets then let us imagine again from left form what was it. It was interesting trying out and only one figure I was able to recognize. It was…following picture..


Mickey mouse! Is this mickey’s shape,right? But I don’t know this was what author intended to. Haha. anyway had fun.


This is it for English speaker you guys; description in English on the wall! Most were in Japanese but a couple are English there and I think this style goes another exhibition as well because many English speaker around these days.

Theme of this gallery stick with “step for aspiring artist” so both number of works and gallery space are not big. To be honest once you entered this gallery you can look over in second all works and space itself but even in that situation I took several portfolio in my hand and got their creative logic and inspiration that never thought. I hope you’ll grab the same experience as me in coming one.

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